Education, Technology And The Twenty-first Century Student


Education, Technology And The Twenty-first Century Student

Studying effectively in a technology-driven age

The student experience has changed over the past decade. By 2030, learning activities will be on-the-go even in the least developed societies of today. It will be a norm for students to have the ability to read and interact with available materials anywhere in the world

In 2015, the U.S. media compared a past prediction of technology involvement which includes fingerprint recognition, table computers, hover boards, wearable technologies, video calling, to mentiona few, with today's real technology, they discovered that the prediction made in 1989 was accurate. 

As technology continues to play a significant role in this shift, let's take a sneak peek into the predicted future of student's learning experience in a decade or more. Today, young people are more technologically and socially-conscious than you can ever imagine. In the coming decades, these trends will increase. Learning will ultimately be on-the-go withaccess to fully equipped learning management strategies onany mobile device Eventually, e-learning will become paramount.

Students will be able to visualise contents with teaching instructions, stay afloat with deadlines, and read course information wherever they are, with their mobile phones. Suffice it to say that learning materials would ultimately rest in the palms of the students! 

Flipped classrooms will become the order of the educational system as students will take classes and assignmnents from home with video materials. The classroom will thus serve as a place for independent study and working in peer groups and teacher-student practical discussions.

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The educational systemn will emphasise the practicality of classroom lessons. Can you picture a class going on with the teacher explaining how aeroplanes work while you are in a simulated aeroplane environment? Well, this is a fascinating area or technological advancement. 

Imaginative activities will become an integral part of education and will give valuable insight into students performance. Gamified learning experiences, such as quizzing will be in the curriculum at all levels or education. 

Students will be able to take quizzes on their mobile devices from the comfort of their homes. At the same time, teachers would be able to see their response in real-time, giving access to the flexibility of learning and hence makinglearning fun.

During the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in 2020, the government of many countries shut down schools, and the management of many schools ad no engagement plan for their students while they stayed at home. Schools that found themselves in this category should start investing in technological strategies to make distance learning possible because that's the next best thing to happen. This shift might take some energy at the start, but in time, we all get used to it.

A smart world without smart people is counterproductive. Why? Because a smart world requires smart people to tap into it. Cheating in the classroom has nothing to do with smartness. It is Foolishness, Why? Because, in an environment saturated with information, all you have to do is go search for the necessary information and utilise it adequately.

Being smart in this era requires that you are able to decipher what problems you are facing as a student and how best to tackle them with the right information. It's a stepat a time. You may be considered a dullard, and I was once in that shoe. You might have gotten bad grades and hid your head in shame.

 Sometimes, you study so much, yet you see no gargantuan result. Have you also realised that there are some courses or subjects which you really did not put so much effort in studyıng and yet the results were excellent? It becomes clear that grades are not the most reliable calibration scale for estimating your actual intellectual capabilities.

 It has become vital/crucial as a smart student in the 21-entury that you look beyond studying as just an exercise to pass class, Instead, see study time as time to develop your intellectual capacity and skills. With this, the excellent grades will follow consistently. Let me formally inform you that the world is smarter now than ever! If you harness the right information properly, you should expectbetter results.

I have encountered students who just couldn't do without am very sure that as a student, you have so cheating, many of them around you, and sometimes they want to make you feel bad probably because you refuse to join them. 

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The easiest way to lose relevance in this era is to keep cheating on that little piece of classwork, assessment or examination. Cheating also reveals immaturity of mind and of course, laziness. Will certain individuals relegate you to the corner because you refuse to cheat? Yes! Do they understand the repercussions of a cheating psyche in the future? I don't think so! When you cheat during an examination, you are indirectly sending a message to your subconscious mind that you are incapable of tackling challenges through active menta development. Cheating robs you of your cognitive abilities.

Many call it runs, i.e., the easiest and fastest way to get the job done without going through due process. Well, the truth is, many of these persons have set the limit to their progress by their own hands. 

Addicted cheaters cannot go far in the academic journey because further up the hill integrity becomes the benchmark. The educational system in many countries is structured such that each lesson is a progressive building block meant to provide the prerequisite support for each level up-front. Meandering through the process is creating a faulty foundation for the future. 

Many rivers have a crooked trajectory because they have chosen the route with the least resistance. Many persons today cannot apply for specific jobs or seize certain opportunities because they meandered through. Some have stagnated at work because they cannot pass promotional exams. That's the effect of following the route with least resistance. Take those challenging classes, learn that math, do the research yourself; one day, you will need all these experiences to overcome real-life challenges.

The 21st-century student should desist from every form of cheating. The teacher is an essential tool in the 21st century; however, don't bother much if your teacher does not necessarily explain the lessons or subject in a way that you can comprehend. I have a solution for you. Smart tools are at your beck and call. Learning materials are not far away; they're now at your fingertips.

Studying effectively in a technology-driven age

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