Man Slits Girlfriend’s Throat Over Slippers, Dumps Corpse


Man Slits Girlfriend’s Throat Over Slippers, Dumps Corpse

Toba, a hemp seller, allegedly slit the throat of his girlfriend, Tunrayo Odubanjo, and dumped her body in a bush in Kara-Kekere community, Ogunrun, Mowe, in the Obafemi Owode area of Ogun State.

According to sources, Toba and his girlfriend were at his home on Wednesday when he sent her out to get an alcoholic drink. The victim was said to have arrived in his slippers.

A resident, identified only as Peju, claimed that when Odubanjo returned, he attacked her for wearing his slippers.

"He told her to pack out of his house, but she kept begging him, and when she decided to leave the house, she couldn't see her slippers," she explained.

Toba said he threw the slippers into the bush when she asked for them. She begged him to assist her in retrieving them from the bush, but he refused.

"I tried to intervene, but he threatened to hit me with broken tiles." So I withdrew and went about my business. The girl later asked for slippers, but I told her I didn't have any. He suddenly pursued the girl again, dragged her into a bush, and began beating her.

“I thought it was just a beating when I heard the girl begging. After a few moments, I noticed him sitting on the lady.

"I quickly called  people to the scene, including the son of a chief in our community, and they rushed down to apprehend him as he abandoned her body in the bush and attempted to flee. Toba slit his girlfriend's throat with broken tiles."

Another resident, who only gave his name as Qudus, said Toba had just arrived in the community and was taken to the Mowe Police Station.

"I saw the girl's body being carried out of the bush." Her neck was covered with a cloth. He moved into his community house two days ago; he is well-known for selling Indian hemp," Qudus explained. 

Toba was seen lying naked beside the corpse of his girlfriend in one of the pictures seen by our correspondent.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, said the command would release a statement on the incident on Thursday.

“I can’t give a reaction now; I want to see the person myself to know what actually happened,” he added.

Toba, a hemp seller, allegedly slit the throat of his girlfriend, Tunrayo Odubanjo

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