Nigerians Must Discuss The Country’s Problems — Governor Bala Muhammed


Nigerians Must Discuss The Country’s Problems — Governor Bala Muhammed

Bala Muhammed, the governor of Bauchi state and a presidential candidate stated on Sunday evening in Katsina that Nigerians must sit down and discuss how the country can move forward again.

He made the announcement in an interview with reporters shortly after meeting with delegates and leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party in Katsina state to discuss his ambition to become President of Nigeria in 2023.

Senator Muhammed noted that Nigeria, which was once the envy of other countries in terms of achievements, was now facing a number of challenges, including insecurity, a battered economy, and citizen suspicion.

The PDP Presidential candidate stated that our previous leaders used "little resources" available to them to accomplish a lot, leaving him wondering where the country went wrong.

Senator Muhammed, on the other hand, assured that if given the opportunity to serve, he would have the necessary experience and commitment to rebuild Nigeria.

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He claimed to have done it as a civil servant, a senator, and a state governor, and claimed that ruling Nigeria would be no problem for him.

"I am here in Katsina canvassing for delegates to choose wisely, and I told them my mission and vision for Nigeria, the problems of Federation, the perception problem, the insecurity, the battered economy, and the need for inclusion to remove nepotism, mistrust, and suspicion, the need for love and fraternity, to live and let live," Senator Muhammed said.

"To ensure that we choose wisely people like us who have relevant experience." I have a lot of experience, I have gone through all the mills of being prepared to lead with humility, and I have done it in the FCT, in Bauchi, as a civil servant, and as a media man.

The Bauchi state governor stated that as a democrat, he is ready to support whoever is elected President of Nigeria, despite his strong belief that he will be the country's next leader.

"Power comes from Allah, and as a believer in that, I hope that whoever gets this power is me, as a democrat." Or perhaps if it isn't me, but whoever gets it, I will support him.

Governor Bala Muhammed

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