INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu Denies Plan To Contest Presidency In 2023


INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu Denies Plan To Contest Presidency In 2023

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria had on Saturday asked Nigerians not to be shocked should the Chairman of INEC purchases the N100 million Expression of Interest and Nomination forms after the forms were “bought” for the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele.

Reacting to press statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Rotimi Yekanmi, on Sunday, the INEC boss emphasized he was not interested in joining the presidential race, saying categorically, “it will not happen”.

The statement was titled, ‘Calls on the INEC chairman to join the 2023 presidential election’.

The statement read, “Our attention has been drawn to innuendoes in certain quarters that Nigerians should not be surprised if the INEC Chairman joins the Presidential race or urges him to do so. It is a preposterous proposition. It will not happen.

“The Chairman remains an umpire committed to free, fair and credible elections. His constitutional responsibilities as the Chief Electoral Commissioner of the Federation and Returning Officer for the presidential election are onerous enough for him to even contemplate straying into extraneous matters at variance with the law, morality and his personal principles.

“The chairman will continue to discharge his responsibilities without affection for, or ill-will against, any political party or candidate.”

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