Man Accused For The Abduction Of A Lady He Met On Facebook


Man Accused For The Abduction Of A Lady He Met On Facebook

Chi Chi met Chukwuebuka Paschal on Facebook. They got along well and kicked off a relationship.
Ebuka came to ChiChi's family house in Portharcourt,spent two days then asked ChiChi to return the visit to his house at Ihitte Uboma in Imo state, for his people to know her too.

Some of her family members refused but ChiChi insisted she has to go.

On Saturday 7th May 2022, she left Ph to Ihitte Uboma. After many hours,her family expected her call to know whether  she has reached or not,they decided to call her. When the  family called her, someone picked the call and asked them to call back in 10mins. It was strange!

Ten minutes later,they called again as instructed,the poor girl told them she has been kidnapped by some men while on the byke going to the guy's Village.

Next was a video from the kidnappers to the family, showing the girl and her boyfriend tied hands and feet in a bush naked.
The kidnapper whose face was not shown demanded for money or the girl will be killed in 24hrs.

The family was tensed, money raised and sent to this account number 
Access Bank
Anyanwu Isreal U.

Having received the money,the kidnapper called the family that they have released the girl.
Since then till now, the girl's phone number has been switched off and her whereabout yet unknown.

The boyfriend's number is still going as he claimed he couldn't account for the girl's whereabout since they parted ways from the kidnappers den.

A later report reaching REGENCY REPORTERS confirmed Chichi Olu has been released by the kidnappers. She said the boyfriend she went to see has nothing to do with it. That the kidnappers explained why they kidnapped her and that the Facebook boyfriend is innocent and even helped with part of the ransom. Below is her live on her wall now.

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