Anambra Candidates Lament Website Crash During Teacher Recruitment


Anambra Candidates Lament Website Crash During Teacher Recruitment

Some of the teachers who took the recruitment exam in Anambra State have expressed dissatisfaction with the website's malfunction.

According to our correspondent on Saturday, the website crashed 30 minutes into the exam, causing widespread complaints among the participants.

One of them, Kenechukwu Ibe, complained that they were 30 minutes into the exam when the site went down, causing a disruption in the process.

Ngozi Udeh, the Commissioner for Education, refuted the claims, claiming that nothing of the sort occurred, while lamenting that she had received over 3,000 calls in one hour "over matters arising" from the claim.

Udeh, who was responding to our correspondent's inquiry about widespread complaints from applicants across the state that the site for the online exam crashed about 30 minutes into the one-hour exam, said she was suffering from headaches as a result of the avalanche of calls she had received shortly after the exam.

"I haven't slept in three days because of this exercise," she explained. I received over 3,000 calls about this matter shortly after the exam.

"If you were in my shoes, you couldn't answer that many calls." "I'm suffering from a headache." I'm not sure what they meant when they said the site crashed. Over 6,000 applicants successfully submitted their papers, and that is what I will report to the governor, not what you are telling me they complained about."

"This is yet another confusion from the government," Ibe said. We were about 30 minutes into the exam when the site went down, preventing many of us from submitting our papers.

successfully submitted their papers." This is hilarious. Why won't they tell us that they took bribes from 6,000 people in order to give them jobs? I didn't expect this level of confusion from this government."

The state had issued a public announcement inviting applications for the recruitment of teachers into the state's school system.

About 40,000 candidates applied for the 5,000 teachers the state had decided to hire, and the state had shortlisted about 31,000 for the online exam, which took place on Saturday, from which the required 5,000 would be recruited "based on merit."

"The ministry received 40,000 plus applications," according to a public announcement from the state's ministry of education. Following reviews, the ministry identified approximately 31,800 qualified applicants. Applicants who were too old for civil service, as well as graduates who did not have a NYSC discharge certificate or exemption letter, were disqualified. In addition to the proposed 5,000 qualified applicants for the CBT exam, the state government directed that all 31,000 listed applicants be given an equal opportunity to participate in a preliminary online exam before shortlisting the successful applicants for the second CBT exam.

"The preliminary exam will be held online on Saturday 4/6/2022 at your convenience/home/place and with your device-smartphone, laptop, or Cyber cafe." Applicants must be prepared for the exam by 10:30 a.m. on Saturday.

"The exam will begin at 11 a.m. on Saturday and will last one hour (11 a.m. to 12 p.m.) "

Applicants will receive their login password an hour before the exam time and will need to log in at 10:55am to get ready for the exam.

Once you submit, your exam result/score will appear on your device.

There will be no second chances if you fail the exam.

"There will be a second CBT exam for applicants who successfully complete the first preliminary Google online exam." "When it is due, it will be announced." Applicants are advised not to give money to anyone in order to secure an appointment in the recruitment process, as this is not possible and is also illegal. Appointment will be based on merit."


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