Jim Iyke Reacts To His Alleged Conversion To Muslim (Video)


Jim Iyke Reacts To His Alleged Conversion To Muslim (Video)

Jim Iyke, a Nollywood actor, has spoken out about his alleged conversion to Islam.

The actor made headlines after it was claimed that he had abandoned his faith in favor of Islam.

A Twitter user stated that he had heard the veteran had converted to Islam.

"I heard that the popular Nollywood actor Jim Iyke has reverted to Islam," he said while congratulating him. Alhamdulillah! Welcome to the religion of peace, Islam. We heartily welcome you".

Jim Iyke took to Instagram hours after the news went viral to debunk it.

Jim Iyke, referring to the reports as "aimless rumours," revealed that the photos of him in Muslim attire making the rounds were from a film he shot in Ghana.

He stated that, despite his admiration for all religions, he would always be a Christian.

"I felt it was necessary to address the elephant in the room, which has recently been making the rounds." Normally, I ignore these meaningless rumors because they aren't my cup of tea, but certain lines should not be crossed. In Ghana, I made a film called "Zanku Boys," which will be released in July.

The film is about religious fanatics, and someone took the photos, which ended up with random bloggers who claimed I had converted. I respect all religions, but I have no plans to convert."

Still on religion, Regency Reporters recalls Jim Iyke got more than he bargained for when he revealed how the late TB Joshua couldn't heal his sick mother in 2013, whose death affected him and led to the breakdown of his marriages.

In an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, Jim Iyke claimed he went to TB Joshua's Synagogue church after it was insisted that he be present for his ailing mother to be healed.

Jim Iyke said “It wasn’t, when orthodox medicine failed us, I took my whole family to India to be with my mum and then she started getting better. This is the light of your life for crying out loud and I am not going to wager it for theatrics, for melodrama.

“At some point, an offer was made from there to take her there by a senator friend of mine. I refused, the pressure was too much, so I said ‘Okay I want to go, if they will save her, I will go’.

“We put her in a hospital close to there. I went there, there was a presidential suite I was accorded. When I went there, I was like ‘Okay, let’s get started, they said I must come down to the service. I said, ‘I don’t have to come down to the service, you people promised to heal her, does God need me to?’

“I said ‘I will live in this church for two years if you heal my mum’. So after a while, they had a meeting and said, ‘You need to come down. I remember I was there, my sister was behind me when this guy came and was doing stuff. When he crossed me, I chuckled….’

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